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We are proud to announce the imminent release of Metarules of the SMF by Paul John Adams. Check out the dedicated page at malapha.com. If you read the book, it will be greatly appreciated if you review it on the Goodreads website or on Amazon.com. Just look for Metarules of the SMF on Goodreads. (We love the interpuncts!--those little dots between letters--but for lookup searches you can use boring old periods thus: S.M.F.)

Wanna Read Somethin'?

Here are some links for finding some free books that might be off the beaten path:

Open Library
Presscom, home of Beware the Cat!
Archive.org Is it different from Open Library? Find out!
Many Books
Sacred Texts
Ancient Texts
In Parenthesis
CELT Corpus of Electronic Texts

Our Editing Projects:

We are not currently seeking new clients for editorial work, and we are not seeking the submission of manuscripts. Besides publishing, Optional Books has offered freelance writing and editorial services, but we are not currently taking on new projects. Completed projects have included EFL Texbooks for Pagoda, Inc., textbook unit and testing material development for Pearson Inc. and Wall Street Institute, developmental editing and copy-editing services for literary novels and for children's illustrated storybooks. New projects will be announced.

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