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We are thrilled to present Jim Meirose's latest production, the truly innovative novel Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer. Two sailors on a container-ship bound for Shanghai are a captive audience to a bizarre cooking-show hosted by defrocked priest, Father Dwyer. Also aboard with them: their fears, their guilt, their memories... a man in a barrel... and you, the reader, of course!

Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer

Released on January 31, 2019.

Other Publications:

We released two novels in 2017 by author Paul John Adams. See the links to dedicated pages below. Metarules of the SMF, a novel of gang warfare, was released on July 1, 2017. To Fail With Flying Colors, a novel on psychopathology and extreme aberrant behavior, was published on December 1, 2017. (See the trailer.) If you read these, or any of our future publications, we look forward to seeing your reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.

To Fail With Flying Colors


Metarules of the SMF


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Check out the thirty-minute video interview of Paul John Adams by Jospeh Carrabis, hosted on Joseph's site.

Also check out the text interview about Metarules of the S.M.F. over on Urbanfiction.org, and spread the word about these books.

Submitting For Publication:

See our submissions page if you are an author interested in seeking publication with Optional Books. We will be reading query letters and requesting sample chapters of completed manuscripts for new fiction only. We look forward to seeing your best work.


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Publishers are readers too. Though we publish new fiction, in reading we appreciate the old, the innovative, and the odd, and if we can find something exciting in the public domain or in a library... why not enjoy a free read? Here are some links for finding some free books that might be off the beaten path:

Open Library
Presscom, home of Beware the Cat!
Archive.org Is it different from Open Library? Find out!
Many Books
Sacred Texts
Ancient Texts
In Parenthesis
CELT Corpus of Electronic Texts

Our Previous Editing Projects:

Besides publishing, Optional Books has offered freelance writing and editorial services. Our attention is now exclusively on works to be published by Optional Books. We are not currently taking on new editing projects for hire. Previous completed editing projects have included EFL Texbooks for Pagoda, Inc., textbook unit and testing material development for Pearson Inc. and Wall Street Institute, developmental editing and copy-editing services for literary novels and for children's illustrated storybooks. Any change to our availabilty for editing and development will be announced, but our current focus is on publishing new fiction.

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