Metarules of the S•M•F

What it is

Metarules of the S.M.F. is a novel concerned with how culture is born at the level of the streets. It is the next, necessary development in intelligent literary fiction on an urban theme.

What it's about

Wild from an early age, Malapha Judson blunders a murder attempt and lands behind bars, where he wastes the precious years of his youth. When the corrections system gets done with him, he hooks up with the rising ghetto-star known as “Cloud.” Cloud is organizing a set of smart, strong, determined young black men to carve out a territory and protect their neighborhood. Malapha is swept up in a new culture that defines his life. The gang’s code unites them, and the rivals that confront them only fortify their resolve. The S•M•F brothers are ready to live together, bleed together, and die together in the streets, to make their mark and live their lives their way.


Every culture has its rules, whether written or unwritten. Behind the rules are the metarules—the rules that determine when and how other rules are created, modified, and applied. Do you know your society's metarules? If not, learn or get burned.


I'll tell you later.

Is this literary fiction?

If you're into defining fiction by category, sure! Why not? Author Paul John Adams doesn't subscribe to such a philosophy, but nonetheless, this is that!

Is this urban fiction?

It is. Do you doubt? Otherwise, see above.

It's a literary revolution!
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The Book

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