Metarules of the S•M•F

The Click

Jonas Dandridge—Cloud. Heart and soul a gangster dedicated to the betterment of his S•M•F brothers and the larger community. Lifetime appointment to the post of Generol.

Thayne Seals—Proven. Courage and Loyalty, risen from hardship, incapable of fear or regret. Strong. First appointee to the position of Muckamuck.

Kevin Carter—President. Playful but strong, a natural organizer with an eye for business opportunity, and possessor of mad respect. No official appointment, but recognized as de facto gamblemastor.

Malapha Judson—Brain. First veteran and recognized assaultor. Brain-skill possessor. First appointed Teachor.

Duane Arterberry—Solid. A physical presence like none other, but his body’s not as big as his soul.

Sammy Benjamin—Temple. Not an O.G., not a Captain, not Jewish, but somehow more influential than most of us thanks to his official appointment to the post of Jestor. Envied by all and annoying as fuck.

Walter Jones—Jelly. When he sees tits, he goes fucking crazy. Someday we might have to blind him.

James Harris—Thunder. A real morale driver who can hype us up to double our strength and courage. Can also shame anyone if he calls you out. Sleeps like eleven hours a day, though, and no one wants to wake him up.

Includes dozens of additional O.G.s, captains, soldiers, and babies too numerous to count. I.e., a force to be reckoned with.

They could be anywhere

You might find them hustling in Vegas, robbing in East-Bumfuck, stalking the strands of Grover Beach, or just watching white boys throw ropes and shit at your local rodeo.

Other gangs

From allies to enemies, the S•M•F boys clash or rub shoulders with: Los Asesinos, the Black Steel Nines, the Jackrabbit Family of Man, the Grogans, the Carthage Street F.O.M., La Fuerza Latina, the Baby-Man Ronins, Nolan Eason's Set, Darwin's Crew, the Master Race, the Ancient Order, the Association, and of course those murdering cocksuckers the Walden Street Boys.


Pool parties, sex parties, barbecues, boxing, making money, making rules, a day at the races, and war. If you can't live, what's the point?

The World

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